Control who has access to your property, and when, with integrated control for door locks and garage doors.

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Keyless Luxury

The door lock has evolved and gone keyless – it does way more than just let you in and out. As part of a Smart Home, your locks work together with other devices, and with Set you can easily create rules – such as automatically locking your doors when you arm your security system – making it easy and convenient to keep your home secure.

Remote Access

Consider the all-too-common scenario of a contractor scheduling an appointment “between 8am and 11am”. With Set, you can get on with your busy day. When your contractor arrives, he can ring your video doorbell and remotely unlock the front door right from the video screen and disarm the security system so they can get to work. Then, when they leave, simply re-arm the system and lock the front door.

Unique User Codes

For your family and trusted, regular visitors, Set lets you create unique user codes to give people the freedom to come and go without sacrificing security or control. Each unique code works only during the days & times you assign. It’s far more reliable, convenient and secure than sharing a key (which you have to get made, and can easily get lost).

Access Alerts

For total peace of mind when using smart access control, Set makes it easy to set up alerts telling you when a user accesses your home. You can use these in several ways – to always know when your kids are home safely from school, for example, or to ensure that your dog-walker is showing up on time. In fact, you can even set up no-show alerts.


Never forget to lock the door or close the garage again.

Get reminders if a door is left unlocked, and see who just unlocked or locked a door.

Remote Control

Remotely lock or unlock the door right from your app. You can let in a visitor or a contractor without having to be there.

What They’re Saying

Great system! Service is very professional. Installation was smooth. Paul, lead installer, was very professional and helpful. He was willing to go over the system as many times I needed in order to ensure I had understood the dynamics on how it worked. He was honest and was able to advise me on what work better for me an my needs. Highly recommended.

Rob F

We ended up getting more equipment for less money that we would have paid with ADT and my price is locked for 5 yrs. Set installed the same day and made sure we were comfortable with the system before leaving. I am very glad they showed up when they did or I would have been stuck with a contract I was unhappy with and substandard equipment. Thanks Set!

Tracy L.

Professional, accessible, and provides a high quality product and service. Set met my standards on beating competitors pricing, value, and overall customer service. I will recommend Set to friends and family for years to come.

Kate S.

I used Set Security services on the recommendations of my neighbour. I am very happy with my experience. It’s such a prompt, easy company to deal with. These guys are timely, professional and all around awesome. Now it’s so easy to stay aware of what’s going on with my home. Highly Recommended.

Ryan W.

Greatest customer service! We had terrible terrible experiences with both ADT and Vivint. Set is honest, reliable, and affordable. Don't waste your time with other companies.

Kylie M.

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